Ahmed Zayani & Sons derives momentum from its international business partnership to promote all aspects of quality and customer satisfaction. Being a prominent dealer of automotive brands in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we remains responsible for providing the finest to our clients and creating high-tech luxury impression in line with our motto: “Loyal to the Interest of Every Client”.

Founded in 1978 with almost four decades of operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Company has put up a heritage of consistent to its key values: welcoming, friendly, trustworthy, inspiring and innovative. Our mission is to create a lifetime bond, enrich our clients’ freedom of choice, and build trust with our customers, employees, shareholders, and partners locally and globally.

Today, with record achievements in providing sales and after-sales services to meet our customers preferences and maintain our company image, Ahmed Zayani & Sons go far beyond simple after-sales activities to pursue seamlessly proactive, integrated solutions that meet tomorrow’s global After-Sales market promises.

With a forward-looking approach, the Company will go on wheels and excel in premium parts logistics and vehicle delivery services. In this regard, we owe infinite dues of thanks to our loyal community, our teams and managers – all are striving with passion to share and achieve our clear vision for the future together.

Our corporate enhanced website gives our customers an exclusive platform to share corporate profile, the latest about new models and promotions. The Company is keen to add value for every client and maintain an ultimate customer-experience in new and re-owned showrooms, roadside assistance, after sales care and maintenance services.

We seek to maintain innovative, sustainable environment to preserve our current achievements and gain perspective on future advancements and possibilities.

Faisal Zayani, Chairman